Ty has been in the framing business for over 30 years.  He is an award winning Certified Picture Framer with many creative and unique ideas to present your art in its best manner.

Ty is proud of the craftsmanship and extra details that go into his work, this sets him apart from other framers in the area.  Ty won’t let a job go out of the door, unless he and the customer are satisfied.

Ty is also proud to be of service to the many customers who serve our country.  He has framed jobs for several Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries of Defense, Secretaries of State, dozens of Generals, and hundreds men and women in the armed services.

Ty began working right of high school.  He loves sports and wanted to become a professional baseball player, but artistic endeavors  developed.

Ty began playing the drums professionally, but realized that the night life and smokey clubs just weren’t his home.  During this time, he started painting and learning visual art under the instruction of a fellow musician. Ty had a strong interest in fantasy art and landscapes, and later found himself in acrylic and watercolor mediums.

Ty understood he could apply his artistic skills to framing early on.  Once Ty realized he was spending more money on framing, than he was selling art, he began working at a local frame shop.  Ty has spent his career working his way up from helper, to store owner.

Ty enjoys most types of art, but because of the military community in Fayetteville, he became a dealer of military art.  Ty has followed the career of many of the artists through the years.

Ty loves his job and enjoys the ability to mix his artistic passions with the challenges of creative framing for his customers.

Just ask, and he might tell you where he can be seen playing drums in a local rock and roll band!

custom cutting a mat for a photo to be framed, Fayetteville, NC